Research Topics

In class we were asked to identify I.D. markers, online spaces and the intersections between them. I’ve picked 4 potential topics to write about. These aren’t just silly topics, even though sometimes they seem like it. These deal with actual questions and real world problems that we are faced with today. The trend seems to be that most of these deal with identity, which is perfect for a BtS class. But that also makes them very difficult to write about. Identity is not as simple as cause and effect, there are other factors at play, and that makes some of the topics we have to choose from very difficult. Here’s to hoping my choices aren’t that hard.

  • How has the internet/social media influenced privacy?
  • How is self-perception influenced by the comparison of self to others online?
  • How has Club Penguin influenced who I am today?
  • How are speech patterns in the real world influenced by those used online?