Introduction of Jarred Cannon

My name is Jarred Cannon. I am from South Africa, and I live in Henrico, Virginia. I’ve been in the United States since the start of Freshman year of high school, and have recently completely a gap year following my graduation. I chose to attend the University of Mary Washington because I thought it was necessary to have that kind of experience for my Communications major. I’d like to go into broadcasting or voice-over work after college. I’d like to dabble with photography as well, but realizing how difficult both of those industries are to be successful in, I’ll also be studying Computer Science, to further diversify my range of skills. In the BtS class I’m taking, I’d like to learn about how to create more effective content, and reach more people with it. I’ve adjusted really well (I think) to life on campus in the short time I’ve had here. I’ve made a lot of friends that I like a lot. It seems like everyone here is an absolute sweetheart, and I love it. I can walk around and just say hi to people, and they’ll all smile and act friendly. I also lucked out with the roommate and suite mate lottery. My roommate and I are getting along really well. His name is Jeremiah. He’s a funny guy, and he’s awesome to hang with. He plays the guitar and sings while we’re bored in our dorm to lighten (or darken) the mood. He is also a potato, as displayed by the following picture:


My roommates are similar to him, they’re really cool and a lot of fun to hang with, and although they spend most of the time joking around, I know I can count on them if I ever actually need anything.

I’m looking forward to what the next four years has to offer for me, and although it sounds weird (I’ve learned this from my year in the real world), I’m extremely excited to be at school and learning again.