Choosing a topic

I find myself in an odd situation. I’m sitting with my roommate and two close friends in a study room and I can’t find a topic I want to write about. One of my close friends, Mary, leans over while I’m complaining and says something interesting. I said that all of these topics are irrelevant, they don’t matter in the broad spectrum of life and the world because they’re just little things. She told me that I was wrong. When I asked why, she said that they do matter because those little things add up. Digital identity matters so much because of how connected, and in turn addicted to our devices and our access to the world around us. She reminded me that our Digital Identity is more than any one website that we use, but rather, our identity is the culmination of every website, every phone number and every port that we use to access the world around us through technology. She then asked me to keep track of the number of times I check my phone, open my computer or watch Netflix. Suddenly, this just became so much easier. Why not write a paper on how we are affected by the entirety of our digital identity, and by our attachment to the devices we’ve used to create it?